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Living a Healthy Life
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Dr. Jody is living proof.

When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1980, I was immediately put on a very strict eating plan called, “The Exchange Diet.” Every bite of food had to be weighed and measured. I was only allowed limited amounts of carbs, protein, fat, and fruit at specific times throughout the day. I was a very obedient little girl so I did I was told…until it just got to be too much.

But luckily, right about the time I was about to throw my hands up and declare I couldn’t eat so strictly anymore, the pendulum swung to the other side. In the 1990’s the new rule taught by diabetes clinics across the globe was that blood sugar regulation was as simple as: eat whatever you want and just take more insulin to match the carb count. At first I was thrilled…but I soon realized that this extreme-freedom way of eating didn’t work either.

Unfortunately, this ineffective approach is still being taught today to millions of T1Ds around the globe, leading to roller coaster blood sugar levels, and feelings of failure and extreme frustration. I struggled with the idea that excessive dosing was the answer, that my wellbeing was out of my hands, and that I would one day be subject to severe diabetes related complications. I refused to give my power away..

I challenged myself to become my own personal expert…

…and in the process finally taught myself the skills needed for achieving the best blood sugar levels of my life. I had to share this information.

In 2002, I pursued my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, to expand my expertise and solidify my own holistic approach towards type 1 diabetes management. I also became a Certified Diabetes Educator. I envisioned one day sharing my knowledge with the millions who are struggling with type 1, just like I used to be.

In 2013, I started a virtual practice so I could reach patients all over the world. After working one-on-one with patients and witnessing life-changing results, I realized I wanted to make my information available to the masses. In collaboration with T1D expert and author, Gary Scheiner, we spent two years organizing valuable knowledge for how to successfully manage type 1 diabetes into a series of easily accessible, online videos. To access this incredible resource, click on ‘LEARN’ above.

Recently, I decided to take this level of education and support a step further. I wanted a place to build community.
My latest program is The Type 1 Diabetes Crew – Education Membership plan. This program gives you access to LIVE trainings and LIVE Q & As with me every week. You will gain knowledge that you’ve likely never learned before — whether you’ve had diabetes for five months or five decades.


If you are looking to stop struggling with your blood sugars, The T1D Crew will get you there. To learn more about The T1D Crew, go back to the HOME page. You’ll be glad you joined!

Dr. Jody Stanislaw’s TEDx talk:
Sugar is Not a Treat

Over 2 Million Views
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Check out Dr. Jody’s Book, HUNGER:

HUNGER, An Adventurous Journey of Finding Peace Within is a captivating true story of the year I worked at an elite health spa in Thailand. It is an exhilarating story of power, courage, and adventure. The detail of each chapter is so vivid, you’ll feel like you are right there next to me, while also being inspired by the life lessons I share throughout.

Jody Stanislaw, ND, CDCES

Dr. Jody Stanislaw received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 2007, is a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, and has lived with type 1 diabetes since the age of 7. Her TEDx talk, Sugar is Not a Treat, has over 2 million views.

From her 40 years of personal & 10 years of professional experience with T1D, she teaches life-changing information about how to successfully manage type 1 that standard medical care often leaves out.

Her virtual consulting practice allows T1Ds all over the world to work with her. In addition to focusing on improving one’s diabetes, as a holistic physician, she also supports patients with critical lifestyle areas such as diet, exercise, sleep, and emotional health.