What is it like to work with Dr. Jody?
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Pam, T1D x 45+ years

Working with Dr. Jody has been the best thing that has ever happened to my diabetes care in 45+ years. She completely understands all that we with Type 1 Diabetes have to navigate being a T1D herself. She is kind, real and has a wonderful sense of how to live a healthy life with Type 1. And I’ve loved attending her annual retreat!

Dr. Jody has an incredible wealth of knowledge for how to get great diabetes care. You will not regret investing in learning from her. I highly recommend it.

Jen, T1D x 30+ years

Being a T1D herself, Dr. Jody really gets it! I love her enthusiasm, zest for life, passion for her work and, of course, my results. Before I found Dr. Jody’s education, my A1C was never below a 7.0%. Now, it’s around 6-6.2% and even 5.6% once! Learning her content is an amazing gift to all of us with type 1.

Kathy, Mom of Ashley – T1D for 3+ years

I found Dr. Jody’s content within days after my daughter’s T1D diagnosis. Learning her beta cell preservation protocol, I have been able to raise Ashley’s C-peptide (proof she is making her own insulin) from 0.3 to 1.9. I cannot express the value of Dr. Jody’s wisdom & teachings – especially for anyone newly diagnosed.

Rick, T1D x 23 years

My husband Rick and I went to 17 different doctors, looking for help for how to get his A1C of 13% down, but no doctor could help us. As a concerned wife, I started searching online for support. That’s when I found Dr. Jody’s YouTube channel. After learning she also has T1D, I figured we had nothing to lose in reaching out to her, because Rick’s latest endocrinologist stated he couldn’t help.

WOW, after a couple of months working with Dr. Jody, Rick’s AIC is now 7.2%! When we went back to the endocrinologist, he simply said, “Whatever you are doing keep doing it.” Don’t be afraid to learn from a doctor online. With today’s technology, there’s no reason you can’t have a doctor online. Love and thanks to Dr. Jody.

Linda, T1D x 45 years

Working with Dr. Jody is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my diabetes. I was in the throes of diabetes burn out before I found her. Everything turned around for me from my very first phone call with Dr. Jody. I felt hopeful once again. Dr. Jody has given me amazing support both mentally and with blood sugars.

My A1c dropped from around 7 to now in the 5’s. My sense of well-being has increased one-hundred fold. My greatest wish for every diabetic is to receive the encouragement and first-hand knowledge that Dr. Jody shares with those of us lucky enough to have found her.

Mary, T1D x 50 years

Dr. Jody has helped me with my diabetes care more than almost any other provider throughout my 5 decades of living with T1D. She’s given me tools that I had never learned before for how to get better blood sugars. She treats the whole person too…my food, body, and emotions were all cared for. Since she herself has T1D, she really gets me. She is willing to share her own struggles and is one of the most caring doctors I’ve ever met. I can’t recommend working with her enough.

Cathy, T1D x 14 yrs

If there’s anything that you can do to improve your life as a diabetic, it would be working with Dr. Jody. It’s definitely the best thing I’ve ever done. Doctors have always made me feel that my situation was hopeless. After my first phone call with Dr. Jody, I knew I wanted to work with her. She is kind, motivating, and knowledgeable. Most importantly, I had hope after talking to her.

Years of consistent highs just…gone. That’s something that 11 years of other doctors never helped me with. Dr. Jody covers every possible facet of diabetes care…nutrition and exercise, the depression and anxiety diabetes can bring, supplements that can help protect us from complications, and more. I have a lot of hope and excitement for my future now thanks to Dr. Jody.

Susan, T1D x 17 years

Dr. Jody is gifted in teaching what is truly needed to finally achieve good blood sugars and successful diabetes management. The training she provides is the best education on how to live a healthy life with type 1 I have ever found in almost 20 years since I was diagnosed.